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A grain-to-glass distillery since 2011, Few Spirits produces award–winning craft whiskey and gin in a tucked away alley located in Evanston, Il. Paul Hletko, founder & distiller, saw the power of people following their dreams. He turned his sights to making spirits. He relentlessly pursued a new style of urban whiskey that would be the equal to that of his friends in Kentucky. But creating whiskey in the seat of prohibition? Seemed like a good place to start a bold, paradigm breaking whiskey brand. Down a dark back alley in Evanston, you will find an old chop-shop making flavorful bourbon & rye from grain-to-glass with a bold Chicago-style twist. Innovative products continue to flow from the team at few. Proof, as ever, that appearances can be deceptive.

Dom’s Recommends

The perfect pairing Few with a Brew. The spiciness of our bourbon due to our high rye Mashbill pairs exceedingly well with hefeweizen style beers due to their sweeter and fruity flavor profiles. Few bourbon uses a saison style yeast during fermentation, which resembles the style that many wheat beers also employ. Try adding a piece of fresh citrus to further highlight this marriage of bold flavors and irresistible aromas. A nice summer pairing with smoked meats off the grill or smoker like smoked brisket.