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FARE’s flavor-forward and seasonal meals taste just as good as they look. FARE’s commitment to eating well means yes to whole foods and no to preservatives, refined sugars, tricky oils, processed or out-of-season ingredients.

FARE’s most favorite recipes reach every important meal in the day: from sweet to savory breakfast… wraps, salads, and bowls… even dinner plates, sustaining snack boxes and gluten free desserts!

FARE was founded by Britni and Kasia, colleagues who bonded over their shared appetite for well-prepared but not over-involved lunches. Between spreadsheets and marketing tasks at a prominent Chicago steakhouse, the two would share their homemade creations – simple meals made with healthy and hearty ingredients.

Soon their friends caught on, and excitedly encouraged them to undertake a few catering favors on the side. Before long, they’d left the steakhouse for farmers markets where they became darlings of the prepared food contingent and earned their first regulars.

Dom’s Recommends

FARE’s Faves offer complete meal solutions for lunch and dinner. Perfectly portioned, packed in compostable containers that you can heat directly in the oven or microwave. Stock a few in the fridge and you’ll be just minutes away from a thoughtfully prepared, wholesome lunch or dinner you can feel good about.