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Thousand Hills believes regenerative agriculture is a broad set of holistic land management and grazing practices that build soil health, reduce erosion and runoff, increase biodiversity, maximize photosynthesis, sequester carbon, re-establish diverse grasslands, benefit pollinators and wildlife, eliminate dependence on chemical herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, improves nutrient density in meat while benefiting rural economies.

Vision: Rescue the U.S. food system from collapse by implementing regenerative agriculture practices on family farms nationwide.

Mission: Nourish soil, plant, cattle, and people by holistically grazing cattle for their lifetime.

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed 100% Grass Fed Beef is born, regeneratively raised, and lifetime grazed in the US. Cattle are raised on 50 family farms across the Midwest, West, and Northeast using regenerative agriculture practices which are currently regenerating approximately 600,000 acres across the US. All products are third-party certified by: American Grassfed Association (AGA): NON-GMO; never, ever program; no confinement, managed holistic grazing, humane animal welfare. Savory Institute Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV): over a dozen measurements of soil, water infiltration, ground cover, plant diversity, and wildlife habitat.

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