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Wixter’s began as a neighborhood market in Chicago and built its business by being honest, transparent, and uncompromising. They scour the globe to partner with the most trustworthy producers and give voice to the exclusive group of sustainable seafood companies making a difference. All products are frozen or tinned within hours of harvest to lock in peak nutritional value, freshness, and flavor. Packaging only the highest-quality cuts and selections, they don’t sell seafood that they wouldn’t love eating themselves. At Wixter, we know that sustainably sourced frozen seafood from carefully selected producers is more delicious, trustworthy, economical, and ecologically responsible than the alternatives. It is our goal to capture everyone’s hearts, minds, and palates to show them there is a better way to enjoy the fruits of the seas while leaving the planet a healthier place.
Wixter’s Atlantic Salmon are raised in the fjords of Norway, where the cold, clear waters of glacial rivers meet the deep, salty ocean. This pristine setting results in superior fish with flaky meat and robust flavor. By raising our Salmon in an antibiotic-free, natural environment, Wixter helps meet the demand for one of the world’s most popular fish, while reducing pressure on wild stocks to replenish and thrive.

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Wixter’s Norwegian Salmon grows at its own pace, gaining a fresh taste, fat marbling, firm consistency, and an attractive color. Whether you bake, broil, fry, poach, sauté, or steam it, Wixter’s Norwegian Salmon will be tender, moist, and pair well with your favorite sauce or seasoning.