Well-crafted, locally-sourced, globally-inspired food made to order — just for you. Selections are made using the carefully curated food found in our market.
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soup & sandwich board

Made-to-order sandwiches with fresh bread sliced in-house daily. Dom’s unique offerings include the Fresh Prince of Chicago, which combines the classic Philly Cheesesteak with Chicago flavors, and the Primo’s Turkey sandwich made with local Slagel Family Farm turkey.

Ready to eat salads and greens at Old Town. Made-to-order salads and specialty chop and prep services at Lincoln Park. Let the Dom’s Plant Butchers chop and prep your meals.


salads & bespoke produce


sushi, bowls + sando

The Japanese word for “meal” and “rice”, is designed to celebrate this ingredient as well as the craft that has been dedicated to it for centuries. Simple, yet universally delicious, Gohan offers light & fresh rice favorites such as made-to-order sushi and poke bowls alongside other Asian favorites like edamame and gyoza.

“It’s amazing … You want it. You want it bad. Your life would be so much better if you have this right now. Leave your family. Abandon your children … You know you want it.” – Anthony Bourdain while eating Bonci Pizza, The Layover, Season 1 Episode 2

Roman-style pizza served “al taglio” meaning it is cut with scissors in rectangular pieces. Bonci pizza is “quality without compromise”, Bonci uses the highest quality ingredients and seasonal flavors. Watch founder Gabriele Bonci (aka ‘pizza hero’ and ‘Michelangelo of pizza’) on Netflix’s Chef’s Table Pizza, Episode 2.

bonci logo


Mediterranean-inspired bowls made-to-order with seasonal veggies, grains, proteins, and grains.

What if a store could teach? At Chefs’ Table in Lincoln Park, Dom’s shares their joy in creating and enjoying well-crafted meals. Cooking and inspiration come to life at the Chefs’ Table, where culinary ambassadors from Dom’s create unique seasonal offerings and teach the community everything from how to grill the perfect steak to how to roast brussels sprouts with just the right amount of crisp. Also joining the table are guest chefs from Chicago and beyond to offer up a taste of their signature styles. Guests can come for the show, grab a plate for lunch, or grab the goods to nail the recipe at home. 


Culinary Discovery